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Position reports to: General Manager

Exemption Status: This is a non-exempt position.


  • Responsible for departmental logistics efficiency – monitor what works and what doesn't and offer ideas to achieve the expected outcome – examples include increase of wine sales, cellar organization, re-stocking system, deliveries, etc.
  • Assist in and conduct wine training of new hired and existing staff and materials generation.
  • Monitor and spot check wine deliveries and BIN # assignment, proper storage and organization of the wine cellar.

Dining Room Service

  • Offer wine expertise, guide guests about wine and oversee service in the entire restaurant by being present on the floor.
  • Present, represent and offer wine suggestions to all guests, execute wine service step by step.
  • Support dining room staff with any wine related and service related issues.
  • Personalize service by leading by example - using guest’s name, building relationships with loyal guests, checking on satisfaction by being involved and touching every single table.
  • Build guest loyalty by creating and maintaining guest preference notes related to wine consumption and enjoyment (with assistance of host team), record all guest notes in OpenTable database.

Product Presentation & Staff Education

  • Monitor and make sure quality of wine is at its highest.
  • Monitor the quality and par levels of wine glassware and decanters.
  • Train and guide staff on proper bottle presentation, decanting and pouring, making sure the correct verbiage is used at all times – organize short daily pre-shift trainings and tastings, make sure there is a wine class scheduled once a month.
  • Assist in and conduct wine training of new hired and existing staff and materials generation.
  • Communicate wine lows, 86's and info on new wines to staff.

Inventory Management and Administrative

  • Maintain an inventory system using our programs that allows you to have maximum control over movement of bottles from and to several storage areas.
  • Responsible for full liquor and wine inventory on the last day of every month.
  • Conduct monthly beverage inventory.
  • Maintain and update internal wine inventory sheets after weekly counts are completed.
  • Ensure accuracy of wines on all menus, wine list and POS postings.
  • Communicate all wine changes and pricing updates to corporate wine department and corporate design team to update and print wine menus.
  • Make sure all menus that contain wines by the glass are updated to reflect any changes.
  • Communicate all changes in timely manner - keys for wines in Aloha, which are linked to active inventory numbers.
  • Make sure all wines that are removed from the list are de-activated and taken out of Aloha, inform corporate wine department of all changes.
  • In absence of receiver, fully handle everything related to wine – deliveries, invoices, putting bottles away, etc.
  • Financial & Legal

    • Maximize financial performance and profit – suggest promotions and bring revenue increase ideas, train staff on up selling, build guest loyalty by touching every single table, build relationships with all guests that dine at our locations.
    • Execute and take responsibility for results of beverage inventories.
    • If asked, assist in purchasing of beverage.
    • Enforce federal, state and local laws including alcohol consumption, including training and enforcing of minimum drinking age requirement, TIPs training, etc.
    • Maintain the safety and security of all employees, guests, and company assets.

It is understood that as Sommelier you are responsible to maintain current knowledge of the world of wines. You will be required to continually develop this knowledge on your own time and stay on top of current industry and wine trends. Your progress in education will be evaluated on ongoing basis. Likewise, the company will assist in any way possible with any educational goals that relate to your duties as Sommelier (with prior management approval).

  • The ability to work as part of a team, and personal cleanliness.
  • Very basic food handling, preparation, and cleaning skills are welcomed.
  • Time management and ability to work under pressure to manage high volume of production.
  • Active listening and learning skills.
  • Reading and speaking comprehension skills.
  • Discipline to follow set standards.
  • Ability to lift up to 30lbs.

SA Hospitality Group will make reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.