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General Manager

Position reports to: Director of Operations & Ownership

Exemption Status: This is an exempt position.

This person is responsible for overseeing overall operation of restaurant. This position requires an established restaurant professional with the ability to lead, uphold guest satisfaction and maintain the integrity of the business on full time basis based on hours of operation of the restaurant.


  • Responsible for departmental logistics efficiency – monitor what works and what does not and be flexible to adjust to achieve expected outcome.
  • Continually suggest new offerings for dining room guests based on demand and guest’s comments and feedback and/or current trends (suggestions for new menu options, brunch offerings, cocktails, etc.), share with your management team and present to Chef and Director of Operations to analyze, seek decision and follow up on outcome.
  • Responsible for all new hire and existing staff training and materials generation.
  • Assisting and working closely with all employees – training and teaching about products and items we sell, monitoring how they speak with customers and guiding them if they need to improve.
  • Responsible for full training of employees – following company standards (especially barista).
  • Communicating any counter or product related problems to director of operations.

Dining Room Service

  • Being an amazing host and creating memorable experiences by personalized service.
  • Representing all the products and presenting them to our customers, explaining the brand and flavors using sales techniques that work.
  • Creating relationships with our regular customers making sure they return.
  • Communicating all product related facts and changes to all employees.
  • Assist dining room staff during service and oversee the service and flow of entire restaurant by being present on the floor during all meal periods when scheduled.
  • Communicate all guest related issues or requests to the appropriate service staff and culinary team and guide them towards succession.
  • Support dining room staff with any other tasks and resolve brought up issues and always communicate/consult resolution of issues with Director of Operations or ownership.
  • Personalize service by leading by example - using guest’s name, building relationships with loyal guests, checking on satisfaction by being involved and touching every single table.

Labor Management

  • Direct daily work activities of all scheduled staff and monitor efficient staffing levels in your absence under leadership of your Assistant General Manager and other managers.
  • Continually review performance of all staff - address shortcomings and recognize success.
  • Serve as role model and mentor by setting a positive example in all aspects of business and personnel management, develop your peers and guide them when it comes to decision making by elaborating on examples and learning from mistakes.
  • Support and work closely with Assistant General Manager and other managers so as team you uphold the service and hospitality standards in the restaurant.
  • Work closely with the entire staff of Felice Restaurant to establish a group hospitality minded employees who will develop and maintain our philosophy and values.
  • Understand, follow, and direct others in current safety procedures.

Product Presentation

  • Monitor and make sure quality of food and beverages is at its highest.
  • Maintain control over inventories – beverage, china/glassware/silverware.
  • Responsible for overall grooming of service staff.
  • Monitor the neatness and attractiveness of showcase display with pastries and desserts at all times.
  • Conduct or assist in completion of inventories – beverage/wine, china/glassware/silverware .
  • Responsible for monitoring of florals of the entire dining room and overall decoration and esthetics of outdoor area.
  • Responsible for overall grooming of service staff and cleanliness of the FOH areas; spot checking and supporting BOH areas by working closely with chef.


  • Ensure accuracy of menus, wine list, beer and house cocktail lists and POS postings.
  • Keep all departmental literature up to date including, but not limited to:
    Job Descriptions.
    Training Manual.
    Training Manual.
    Most current Menu Descriptions.
  • Personally respond to all guest requests and/or complaints in timely manner.
  • Find a way to actively respond to all company/operation emails whenever possible and always in professional manner (not on the floor in the view of the guests and not during the service).
  • Update POS system (Aloha) to reflect all changes and updates.
  • Participate and monitor Avero reports regarding the daily performance of the restaurant.
  • Ensure all daily reports and invoices are sent to the office in timely manner.
  • Ensure all ordering is done in timely manner – coffee, tea, paper products, air filters, office supplies, Dine Market, uniforms, and linen based on needs.
  • Follow up on all needed repairs immediately by calling appropriate persons, be present and communicate outcome in detail to all involved and Avero.
  • Attend all necessary meetings scheduled by Director of Operations or ownership.

  • The ability to work as part of a team, and personal cleanliness.
  • Very basic food handling, preparation, and cleaning skills are welcomed.
  • Time management and ability to work under pressure to manage high volume of production.
  • Active listening and learning skills.
  • Reading and speaking comprehension skills.
  • Discipline to follow set standards.
  • Ability to lift up to 25lbs.

SA Hospitality Group will make reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.